Friday, June 21, 2013

What is the meaning of 969: Are Buddhists Terrorist?

Are Buddhists Terrorist? 

No, you are wrong. Completely wrong. We have no teaching to kill other people. We have no teaching to marry children(age between 1 to under 18). We have no teaching to cut throat. We have no teaching to cut hands. We have no teaching to eat Human. We have no teaching to wear women like Ninjas. We have no teaching to destroy other Religion. All the people of the World knows. But, sadly, Time magazine and Journalist don't.

What is the meaning of 969? (A Myanmar infidel Wai Lin Aung writes)

'969' is non violent movement of Myanmar (Burma) Buddhist people against Islamization in Myanmar.

Myanmar shares the border with Bangladesh, one of the densely populated muslim nation. While Myanmar is more than 10 times bigger than Bangladesh in size, its population is merely 50 millon and a lot lesser than Bangladesh's over 100 million muslims. Myanmar is a predominant Buddhist Nation whose social culture is tolerance and harmony.

Bangladesh has been trying to Islamize Myanmar demographically by letting its people to illegally enter Myanmar through loosely controlled border. Myanmar citizens who are muslims ( actually traitors) also help/ support that demographically Islamization plot. It is funded financially by local muslim business and also by other Muslim Nations. While most of Myanmar locals practise monogamy relationship and birth control due to poor economic situation, muslims takes at least four wives and unlimited children. Most of the time, they take poor myanmar girls as their junior wives and forcibly convert them to Islam against their free will.

Due to decades of Military Junta's corrupt governance in Myanmar, the threat of Islamization was ignored by authorities.

It has been become a threat to National Security. 2 million Bangalis illegally occupy in Myanmar's western state and another 10 millions muslims in other parts of Myanmar. As usual, once the muslim population has reach significant level, they start to show their true colour. Rape, Rob, Kill, Riot and commit all kinds of crimes against local people to scare them off to grab the land. Yet they cry foul that they are victims and local people bully them.

The irony is all of the Western media, UN and Western Governments buy their stories and obviously bias in favor of those muslim thugs.

That's why local Buddhists has started non violent the '969' movement to boycott all muslim owned/linked business and socially and economically isolate muslims.

By the way, 969 means; 9 attributes of Lord Buddha's holy personality, 6 attributes of his teaching and 9 attributes of his disciples holy order of Monks.

The true purpose of 969 movement is non aggressive, non violent, but focus on unity and discipline to defend against Islamization.

The Infidels of the West have also taken the noble cause, 969.. As a symbol of strength, faith, unity and solidarity in our own fight against Muslim Imperialism.. And we are all truly.. 969. 


CREDIT: Special thanks to Wai Lin Aung who wrote "What is the meaning of 969?".