Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Theater 'gunman' J. E. Holmes

He was initially an excellent student. Prior to the attack, he was in the process of leaving a neuroscience doctoral program.[27]
Holmes had no criminal record prior to the shooting.
Holmes was initially jailed at Arapahoe Detention Center, under suicide watch.

In court
Theater 'gunman' makes first court appearance, has reddish orange hair

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J.E. Holmes's Sales Receipt


 Holmes was clearly heavily drugged and was incapable of speech.  Like Timothy McVeigh and Jared Lee Laughner we will neverhear him speak past a few mumblings from his drug induced walking coma.

A 6-year-old video shows James Holmes as a teenager presenting at science camp — the first footage of the Colorado shooting suspect to emerge in the wake of the massacre.

Of course, the official version of the story states that Holmes went to an exit, propped the door open, went outside, retrieved his weapons and body armor, etc. and then returned.