Friday, June 29, 2012

Well Hello MATE! New sabayon ISO

"The other day we got a new Sabayon daily ISO to try out and use. This iso is for the MATE desktop environment. So you can head to your favorite mirror and download Sabayon_Linux_DAILY_amd64_MATE.iso and make yourself a live bootable disc or usb device.  I had previous tested out MATE by just installing it via limbo repo, which you can do also.  It’s  good to test the live iso and installing via entropy on an installed system.  Keep in mind that this is a young and new project so it may take some time to gain some features.  It’s also meant to be minimal stuff included.  You won’t find firefox or chromium as Midori is the default browser.  Feel free to give feed back on the Sabayon dev mailing list."

Source: Sabayon