Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Unidentified Object near the Sun, On March 10-13, 2012

During these days, I heard a news from a senior. It is an identified object near the sun. May be one or more objects around or near the sun. It is like a black ball, hmm an object covering with shield and connecting to the sun with connector like a pipe and taking something as resource from the sun. It is like a space-ship from sci-fi novels and shielded with magnetosphere. I don't know about that object but it makes us more questions about space, beings, science, technology and many things. I think it is very interesting thing in our life time. 

I saw it from video files on March 12 2012. Today, March 13, that object was shooting out from the sun (you can see in movie 4). You will be interesting that object.

I got this video files from that senior. He downloaded from forums and youtube.
Here's the video files: 

Movie 1:

Movie 2:

Movie 3:

Movie 4:

More videos: 


SPECIAL THANKS: A senior who give me that data, other peoples.