Friday, February 17, 2012

P2PU #Your Domain : DNS

Hmm ... The DNS is Domain Name System, you know. Here's the link for detail information. I thought about that Domain Name System many times. I found one thing. For example, there is a address below.

Mr Steel Fort's House
No. 10, 10th St, Between Bogyoke 1st St x Bogyoke 2nd St,
New Tamwe Tsp, New Yangon City.

Domain Name is like Mr Steel Fort's House. IP Address is like No. 10, 10th St, ... .

That address is show in following map.
Please note the yellow rectangle as Mr Steel Fort's address.
OK, Now, What is Domain Name System like? It's the map. The map works as Domain Name System. The map binds Domain Name like Mr Steel Fort's House and IP Address like full address No. 10, 10th St, ... .